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VIDEO: Tourists caught on a cable car at more than 300 meters above sea level

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At least five tourists were caught in a gondola teleférico de Villamaría, in the municipality of Caldas, Colombia, and remained suspended at 300 meters above sea level. Those who took place this morning on December 27th in the Park National Los Nevados, as confirmed by the secretary of the Middle Environment of the place.

Until after the middle of today the identity of them was revealed tourists atrapados, without embargo, remain at the top of a canyon that leads to ecoglamping known as the “Cóndor’s Nest”, in the rural area of Villamariafollowing local quotes this morning.

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Operational implementation to rescue tourists caught on the cable car

Point where the cable car leaves in the rural area of ​​Villamaría. PHOTO: Special

They watched this wonderful gift at 6:30 in the morning when five people headed to go to trabajo: “It’s about three women and two men adults Everyone should follow the expectations of what may happen”, then the “Caracol News” section will open for a few hours.

Having passed the middle we were informed that the success of management of the risk of Caldas you will find yourself coordinating the work to make it happen rescate of the tourists. At this point it is personal Bomberos de Villamaría and Manizales, and is counted with the apoyo of the Army (Batallón de Desastres), Ponalsar (Policía de Búsqueda y Rescate), Cruz Roja and Defensa Civil.

How will the rescue operation be carried out in Villamaría?

Image of the gondola held above the canyon. PHOTO: Special

Acknowledgment with recent statements authorsSo far the possibility of using a helicopter is not viable, “keeping in mind the oscillation that can generate the height of the helicopter”. Concerning how the problem with the cable car originated, it was ensured that it was due to technical faults:

“The situation has arisen due to technical flaws in a system of transport for cables used for ecotourism services, specifically in the Papayal area,” the Manizales Water Management Unit declared to the press.

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