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VIDEO: tourist assured that he wants to live in Tlatelolco because it is the same as Russia

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A young of origin ruso I wanted to go viral in social circles to ensure that I would enjoy living in it Tlatelolco because you remember them in your country. And it is that the tiktoker identified with the user of @alaleanova, has shared a series of videos highlighting the qualities of the city that is located in the north of the Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México (CDMX).

No obstante, la young He explained in his grabación that the only thing that changes between Tlatelolco y Russia It is that here, the houses are more colorful and in the countryside there are grays. Likely that in this area of ​​the CDMX, there are many more trees to the degree that ensured that “it looked like a forest”.

“If I live in the city of Mexico, I would like to live in this area because I remember myself in Russia and here it is very good and very peaceful”, assured the young woman.

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The young girl assures that Tlatelolco looks like her native country. Credits: TikTok/captura.

The young woman also wants to live in Cuautepec

Please mention that it is not the first time that the user @alaleanova cobra relevancy in social circles for her special interests in Mexico. In fact, she has other anecdotes about her being in the spotlight, such as when she assured herself that she wanted to live in what seemed to be an area of Cuautepec in the hot tub Gustavo A. Maderobecause it seemed like “a very quiet area”.

Other videos that have received the most views are the ones that have been tracked by the Collective Transport System (STC) Meter Good, for some everyday streets, markets, restaurants and many typical places in the city of Mexico such as Chapultepec and Tepito included.

Admiration or gentrification? what they say in redes

Yes, there are people who support the videos made there joven rusa On Tiktok, it is important to mention that there are some users of social networks who think that the contents of @alaleanova seem to be a nonsense of the Mexican context, which ignores the social problems of the country or which is fomenting the process of gentrification.

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