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VIDEO: Tiktoker narrates the instant impact of the Japan earthquake, “lasting long”

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This is 1 day of money earthquake of magnitude 7.6 has a shadow in the center of Japanespecially the region of Known located in the prefecture of Ishikawa. In the midst of the fear that occurred the movement and the alerts that could possibly exist tsunamis In the area, there was a Mexican TikToker who knew how he experienced the emergency.

Through its social networks, the creator of the content is identified with the name of the user “Novax“—who among other themes, usually undergoes parodies in distinct daily circumstances— shared images of the exact moment in which he began to feel the darkness and even, realizing that even in the area where he was it was not felt of great magnitude, the movement lasted a long time time.

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How did the TikToker experience the Japan earthquake?

The influencer must take refuge in the bathroom. Credits: Tiktok.

In the video that appeared on the official TikTok account, it container creator I shared the impressions I had after I started it earthquake in Japan. In this sense, in the grab you can observe how the door of the bathroom – located where you want to take refuge – does not need to move for several seconds.

And that was precisely one of the observations I made Novax Here’s the moment I experienced the fear in the Asian country: the duration of the movement. El influencers He explained that no one was at the epicenter of the phenomenon, unlike Mexico, Japan These types of phenomena last much longer.

“It’s long overdue, I’ve never seen the elements here, it lasts long,” the tiktoker said in his video.

The other thing that made the influencer stand out was because of that Japan It is an island territory, after the 7.6 magnitude earthquake was recorded, the authorities began to evacuate the population of certain regions due to the warning of a probable tsunami.

Victims of the 7.6 earthquake in Japan

Wait for the moment, from now on with the given report to know through international media, the earthquake who arrived in Japan this Black Monday 1st, has left fewer than four people alive in the Ishikawa prefecture. Similarity, the evacuation of more than 100 million evacuated inhabitants was necessary.

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