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VIDEO: this was the last dinner of the Mexican Orión Hernández and his new daughter Shani Louk; they were kidnapped by Hamas

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Orión Hernández and Shani Louk were a couple who enjoyed it electronic music, of the party and of the traveling life. So they dejaban them in their social circles, even if they ventured to go to a rave within the limits of Gaza with Israel, but both were kidnapped by the group Hamas.

Shani didn’t survive. Her mother announced the death of the girl moments after a video in social circles, she would show her body exposed in a truckload of victims; while the Mexican, OrionHe continues to disappear and his family relentlessly pursues him from the day the conflict began.

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The pair had some margaritas before starting. Credit: Instagram / @Shanukkk

They reveal the last hours with the life of Shani Louk, and the quote I shared with Orión Hernández before the rave

A man identified on Facebook as Omri Levi, please know about it Facebook official the video of the possible last dinner that you saw together with Orión Hernández and Shani Louk. It was inside the restaurant La Mexicana Israel, and it happened just one night before the conflict broke out. Hours before the secuestro multitudinarian, October 6, 2023.

“Pasé por el restaurante @mexicana.israel hoy para ver si tenían video from the night before the terrible massacre in Israel. I reunited with the owner Michael, where I wanted the love of finding him archives. Tuvimos sweet to view this video, it will be automatically deleted in the next few days”.

They came to dinner just before the rave. Credit: Instagram / @Shanukkk

This night, Omri I arrived approximately at 9.25pm, one day later mesa and they looked for it in the same way. Later, you can see in the video that they appear so much Orion how Shani Louk, here are the people who read the table next to the protagonist of the publication across the wall on Facebook. He didn’t agree much about what they were talking about, but he made sure they were a match. copas with a coctel which contained alcohol.

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“Look in front of me, I would have one attractive angelic who was a bailiff, but very difficult to describe. After dinner and a few classic margaritas. Salieron del restaurante para dirigirse a la Nova party before finishing dinner. The rest is history and from there a new and dark world has arisen”, she wrote in the post dedicated to the pair.

And finally I added a message of condolences to the family, friends and acquaintances of the woman: “My heart is with your family. That she always regrets in peace. That in memory is a blessing”

Shan fue asesinada. Credit: Instagram / @Shanukkk

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