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VIDEO: thieves tried to attack a motorcyclist without knowing that he was police, one was killed and the other was detained

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In the social media, a video went viral made by security cameras showing the exact moment in which a policycivil dress frustrated an intent of assault and ended with the life of a thief. They apparently happened in a Brazilian city, but the exact area where the event occurred is now unknown.

In keeping with the security cameras, the violent incidents were recorded late December 14th of this year, when the policy returned to your home. In the images you can see that the security element traveled aboard his motorcycle – without taking off his police uniform – when he was intercepted by two alleged thievesthose who want to despoil it of their belongings.

The police was dressed in civil fashion. Photo: captura de pantalla.

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What happened to the police who assed a thief and discovered another?

In the clip you can see it policy He parked his motorcycle on the curb and got out of the vehicle quickly. However, when the uniform worn by his unit was damaged by two men, on board another motorcycleThey carefully searched for the place where they encountered it. Without doubting it, the uniform sacked his weapon and fired against his superiors delincuentes.

The uniform resulted in the killing of two alleged criminals, one of them lost his life instantly, while the other was killed by the police, so God advise the authorities for what the purpose was detained. Wait now, you don’t know what happened to you policy and the alleged one thief who was arrested. However, we hope that the authorities will soon know what happened with the uniform and the offenders.

Criminals plan to escape the police. Photo: captura de pantalla.

Policy explains that you will be attacked

In another video, which circulates in social networks, listen to the commented uniform who is hoping for success, where he flashed to a criminal what I did attack him. The policeman is apparently having a conversation with a person, who asked him about it in the past. The element of security showed the body in life of the victim, as well as the motorcycle from where their attackers travel and the detention of the survivor.

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