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VIDEO: thieves get into a bag and attack all the guests, they take away the clothes!

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A criminal group, made up of six people, entered a party hall where one of them stood up boda y they attacked to more than 150 invited. According to the authorities, the violent perpetrators occurred on the night of December 15th in the city of Manaos, in Brazil; as part of the botín, los thieves Huyeron with cell phones, grab some clothes and have a vehicle. However, no injured people were reported for this success.

The attack was documented thanks to the security cameras installed inside the room where the attack took place. The images, which went viral in social circles, were observed by the guests hoping for food, when a group of at least 6 men rushed into the place with fire weapons. Quickly, the people took to the ground and the criminals began to dispossess themselves of all their belongings.

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The guests went to the floor to avoid being hurt. Photo: captura de pantalla.

How was the massive assault on a boat?

According to the report of the authorities, recorded by local media, the assault lasted for a few minutes, in which the criminals approached the invited and months who met at the event. The thieves, who also use masks, escape from the event with cell phones, motorcycles, clothing and other belongings of the victims. Minutes after the crime, elements of the police arrived in the area and toasted attention to the presents.

Last December 16, the Public Security Secretariat of the Amazon State (SSP-AM) informed that police from Ostensivas Cândido Mariano (Rocam) had located the vehicle stolen from the party. The vehicle was found abandoned in the north of the city, but inside the carriage there were no indications of the people who committed the crime, so the attackers remained free.

Not a single person was injured. Photo: captura de pantalla.

Attack on a boat causes indignation

Through the social media, tens of internet users reacted to the video of those videos and were shown indignados ante la nula laspuesta de las authorsPeople were unable to identify the gang of thieves who perpetrated the violent attack. Up now, the video of the trailer has more than 34 million plays on X, before Twitter, and is recorded with more than 59 comments.

“Bonito recuerdo de la boda”; “It is not possible that no one in a party hall can be at peace”; “Do you have any police search?”; and “Ojalá que prempto los agarren”, were some of the commentaries who spoke to the internet users in the original publication, which was shared by internet users from Brazil.

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