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VIDEO: thief enters a church and his stuff goes to the fieles in full house

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An alleged thief It was captured while tens of people were meeting while listening I think so in one church of Colombia. They were documented thanks to the security cameras installed inside the religious enclosure; In the images it is observed that the suspect entered the place pretending to be one of the fieles, but at the moment of speaking, he began to rob the valuable objects of the presents.

According to Colombians, the book occurred inside the Parish of Our Lady of Charity of the Cobre, located in the city of Barranquilla, in Colombia. The clip captured the exact moment in which the alleged thief secured the secret of a woman, to open her bag and access her cell phone, as well as other valuable belongings. Before the victim could be caught in the dark, the victim was placed in his place and acted as if nothing had happened before.

The boy pretended that he was listening to me. Photo: pantalla capture,

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Who knows about the thief who broke into a church?

Hasta now, if you don’t know the identity of the thiefwho – trusting that nadie saw it – left his belongings to other fieles that escuchaban I think so. Without embargo, the church I distributed the security video where the alleged thief’s body is observed. The religious authorities shared the images, with the aim of allowing the citizenry to identify the man and thus help the police to deal with him.

Despite the efforts made by the parish, not a single person has been arrested for these violent crimes. Internet users have shared some names, but they cannot identify themselves with the aforementioned criminal. Please mention that the video has become popular in different social circles such as X – before Twitter – where many internet users are fighting the thief.

Help me identify the thief. Photo: captura de pantalla.

Internet users show indignation about things inside a church

“That God takes control of his soul, the day that is called to give back things”; “It’s full, no house of God respects”; “No one respects the temples, but they have two parishes that have the same thing”; and “God also wondered about his bag, it doesn’t justify the fact that he is señor in the church there is no security”, according to some of the comments in social circles.

The Internet users of Barranquilla have asked the authorities to increase security in the city, to ensure that crime is increasing and it is not the first time that thieves they go to the churches in the area.

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