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VIDEO | They use trucks to save the life of a woman

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The rapid action of the elements of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana and citizens, who even used a microbus as an escalator, prevented a woman from attempting to cross her path from the top of a bridge.

Alerted by the operators of the Command and Control Centeragents of the capital’s police identified a woman who was besieged by reaching a peatonal bridge located at the cross of the shoes Miramontes y Del Huesosouth of the capital.

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“Los policies they observed to a person who met at the top of a peatonal bridge and was noticed visibly altered at the time that they were, therefore, with precautionary measures they applied the corresponding protocols.

“Detuvieron el vehicular flow and solicited the assistance of one cargo truck who passed through the place, they were told and began a dialogue of confidant with the young people”, the annex reported in an information sheet.

Rescatan ilesa a la mujer

The agents communicated with the company woman, who was little by little calmed down, even though he encountered himself by grasping the bridge. Before placing the truck behind her so that no harm is left, the woman is alone.

“Los oficiales solicitaron los medical servicesat the same time that in a quick maneuver they managed to save the woman and, once assured, she was attended to by personnel of the Rescue and Emergency Medical School, who assessed her and diagnosed her with neuroconvulsive crisis, without meriting hospital transfer”, reported the SSC.

The woman was met in a good state of health. Photo: X / Tritón Azteca

One of them policies accompanied the woman, whose identity was reserved, until she brought a family member to the site, who took her home.

If you know someone who needs help, you can call the Life Line telephone number 800 911 2000. It works for 24 hours of the 365 days of the year at the national level. The specialists will accompany you in a personalized manner, following up on your needs until the completion of the project.

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