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VIDEO: They lure to raters who are trying to steal the nomination of a hospital in Argentina

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A par de thieves who attempted robar a bag that contained it I pay de la appointment of a hospital en Tucucman, ArgentinaThey were captured by people who were walking around the area, so that the person who stole the money prevented the two men from escaping on a motorcycle and joined in to help him.

The moment of the attack and the subsequent attack on the two thieves was documented by a video surveillance camera and with the cell phones of the witnesses who shared the images across the social circles of the case presented on the Avenida Roca at the south of San Miguel de Tucumán.

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VIDEO: hunted down robbers, caught by 2 thieves, done away with rods and cases of strangers

They are new and stuff on the motorbike: they grab them at the point of being linchados before taking a cell phone

The victim prevented the thieves from escaping. Photo: Captura de pantalla

What happened to the thieves?

In the video we observe the moment when the employee of the sanatorium walked over the banqueta and when he was about to take one of the officers to the hospital who had previously been wearing the helmet, he was surprised by the fact that the victim had to stop the bag from which he was carrying it money from the payment of the employees, according to the local means.

However, considering that the employee of the hospital landed on the ground, he did not have to support his bag with the money until he received a blow in the loved one which left him vulnerable for an instant while he received other blows. When the victim finally dropped the bag, the second accomplice arrived, handling the motorbike.

Indeed, the thieves took away the bag with the money and were subjected to his motorbike, but the staff of the sanatorium rose up to pursue them and realized that the thieves could not speed up the movement of the vehicle. As the situation unfolded, several people helped the victim and everyone captured one of the men.

The driver of the motorbike was then pulled onto the ground where he was severely hit with blows and punches, while his accomplice was able to escape; Without embargo, he transcended that the police caught him in the closest streets where his companion in the attack received a blow.

The bag in which the payment money for the workers of the hospital was held was recovered by the people who helped the victim of the robbery, while the two alleged thieves were arrested in the hope of knowing the judicial situation in order to be reported to have participated in the crime of the “gravated stuff” that was documented in the social circles.

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