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VIDEO: they look for a young man who disparò his abuelo for a family line

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The social redes have indignant through the publication of the video of a subject who landed against his abuelo, place of a familiar skin that can be joined charlando. The crime happened, now, in front of his mother and his child, those who tried to detain him, but he stopped trying to escape, the policy ya investigate what happened.

In the video you can see one sujeto and a man in charge is arguing in the patio of a house, in front of two women; from one moment to another, he knows a weapon of your trousers, point directly to the man’s beak from the canoe’s head, to this disparate only once.

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El sujeto ya. they were identified, but they were not able to relate to him. Credit: Twitter

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Following his actions, the young man begins run For the whole patio while I am pursued by one of them womenwho loads a log to process it pegarle y hold on marcha; On the other side, a woman who runs a little slower also has the ability to get to the target, but without results.

Local media informed that these things happened on November 30th Thailand. Police officers were immediately informed in the area Ban Dan Lan Hoiprovince of Sukhothai. The victim was a 68-year-old man who was taken by the name of Sr Padrit, while the gunman is identified as Yospatwho is only 24 years old.

The young man had a challenging attitude. Credit: Twitter

Family members ensured that he was adicto, and because of this he had violent behavior

The victim’s wife, the victim’s abuser, the name WanGod knows that the young man is addicted to drugs from the moment he reaches the fifth degree, to think about who they are trying to rescue him from. The reason for the skin can be affected because the suit is careful to remove things to change them for drugs.

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On the other hand, the victim’s mother, Malai, 46 years old, ensured that for the safety of the entire family it was that she placed them security cameraswith the aim of avoiding a crime of violence with which it is handled, may on another occasion have attempted to prevent it, but the police have not been denied.

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