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VIDEO | There are vehicles and an important arsenal in the rural area of ​​Sonora

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Tras el reporte de un balacera en las mediaciones de la localidad de Tubutama, SoundThe state and federal forces carried out an operation that concluded with an important investigation of vehicles and weapons of organized crime.

De acuerdo con el reporte de la Mesa Estatal de Seguridada citizen report to 911 was the one who alerted the authorities, who headed to the point of the accident, from where they were caught in shooting.

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“With air support, integral institutions of the State Safety Board, neutralized two people, stopped a greater number and ensured 14 vehicles, five of them armoredincluding 17 large weapons, 240 useful cartridges, magazines and one gauge, in tube.

Entre las armas incautadadas destaca a metralladora browning. Photo: Mesa Estatal de Seguridad

“The operation was coordinated between the Mexican Air Force, Mexican Army, National Intelligence Center, National Guard, State Police of Public Security y Agencia Ministerial de Investigación Criminal”, detailed the annexe.

Incautan 14 vehicles and open to one person

The summer authorities reported that they were able to complete the two alleged criminals who attacked them, as they assured a third person, 33 years old, in the camp, specially employed by a criminal cell.

The weapons were delivered to the FGR. Photo: Mesa Estatal de Seguridad

“Además, 14 vehicles were confiscated, five armored vehicles, 17 large weapons, one ametralladora browning 7.62, 240 useful cartridges, 32 wallets and new anti-bala shoes, the same ones that were placed at the disposal of the General Tax of the Republic for the diligent correspondents”, reported.

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