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VIDEO | The Texas Government sent more than 120 air migrants to Chicago

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Texas sent an aircraft with more than 120 migrants on board from the border south of the United States of Chicago, which represents an escalade of the governor, the republican Greg Abbottin its bus travel operation that has given free travel to more than 80 million migrants has been in cities with democratic governments in distinct parts of the country since last year.

The first flight, which followed the Abbott workshop, went up El Paso and I arrived on Tuesday, I took a week after that Chicago City Hall He spoke out against migrant bus riders, which have been subjected to fierce criticism by Mayor Brandon Johnson.

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The authorities of the city Chicago They said that bus operators had to deal with bashing passengers in old towns to avoid penalties, which included fines and arrest or confiscation of vehicles.

Now, bus operators can brake harder penalties in Chicago so don’t leave us pasajeros at a designated shipping point or do not carry the documents required by the city.

Abbott’s spokesperson, Andrew MahalerisI said that the flights were the result of the actions that Johnson took against the buses with migrants sent from Texas.

Increase actions against migrants in Texas

The flight left one day after that Abbott he promulgated a law that allows it Policia detain migrants who illegally cross the border, intensifying a series of medium aggressions implemented by the state in protest against the president’s migration policies Joe Biden.

“En tanto el president Biden don’t take a step in front and take on your work to protect the front, Texas I will follow historical insights to help our local partners respond to this crisis created by Biden,” Mahaleris said.

There Casa Blanca He criticized the flight and accused Abbott of using migrants for political purposes.

The Texan government endures the rules to combat illegal migration. Photo: X / Greg Abbott

“One more time, el Governor Abbott It is demonstrating the little consideration or respect that human beings have. His most recent political maneuver is included in a list of extreme measures that seek to satanize and dehumanize the people”, said the spokesperson of the White House, Angelo Fernández Hernándezin a press release.

More than 23 million migrants have been sent to Chicago on buses as part of Abbott’s front-line safety mission, known as it is Operación Estrella Solitariafollowing the governor’s office.

The operation, at a cost of several thousand thousand dollars, also included the placement of poles offshore from the front, as well as floating barrages on the Rio Bravo and the description of more agents.

A federal appeals court ordered the federal government to temporarily suspend the public prosecutor’s court at the front as the case progresses through the courts. The workshop of Johnson I did not respond immediately to a request for comments about the flights in the city.

They have deep concerns about living conditions and medical attention that are given to asylum solicitors who are seeking them. Chicagothese are the things that occurred during the past week of a 5-year-old child who had been living in a temporary shelter for migrants.

With information from AP

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