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VIDEO: The film! A command of teenagers stuffs cars of lujo for more than medium dollar mill

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A group of teenagers who supposedly live in the metropolitan area of Chicago they were sold to a distributor July cars In Wisconsin, new vehicles were brought in with a total value of more than an average million dollars, the police informed.

El atraco del domingo en una distribudora Jaguar Land Rover en Waukesha it was captured by security cameras. Here you will find new masked suspects entering the club before someone retires driving a car in the city located 30 kilometers west of Milwaukee.

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They disparate them in front of their husband and son to get on the cart: “I resisted because it cost us so much”

In the video you also see a car being driven in reverse you have to push it towards a service door.

Captain Dan Baumann of the Waukesha Police I said that the suspects went to the dispenser on Sunday approximately at 6 o’clock in the morning, where the vehicles’ vehicles were stored and then they opened the buttons on the items to detect what they were about to steal.

The suggestions concreted in less than 10 minutes. Photo: Special

“New suggestions come up and go to everyone in search of them laves. A person finds out where the secrets are hidden and where he can distribute them among his friends,” Baumann told her on WISN-TV. vehicles They are valued at more than 583 million dollars.

Detained by one of the managers

A suspect, a 17 year old boy from Chicago, was arrested in the community of Pleasant PrairieIn southern Wisconsin, after the vehicle he was driving was pulled onto Highway 94 during a police pursuit. He is detained in the county jail Waukesha with a fiancé of 50 million dollars, and rush cargos of robo and criminal damage to property, reported Baumann.

It is believed that the suspects are a group of teenagers involved in organized crime in the metropolitan area of Chicagothe Police pointed out.

Baumann said that I am members of an operational force of the Policia in the south Wisconsin and northern Illinois knows all or most of the suspicious teenagers, and it is reported that police officers in that region of the two states are still looking for the other 8 suspects.

Six of the new vehicles belongings have been recovered: four of them Chicagoone en Deerfielda suburb of Chicago, y otro en Wisconsin after the shock in which the 17 year old boy was arrested, he joined.

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