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VIDEO | ¡Ternura! Chica acaricia a installment callejera en Tijuana

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It’s a fact: we all want and need one little bit of love. Whether it’s a smile, a palm in your hand or even a few nice words, every night we live we react positively to any demonstration of cuteness.

A young inhabitant of Tijuana I decided to take up this necessity to share my love until very few people would have it: I loved the full light of the day on one installment callejera that the sun was shining in the front city.

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The image was captured by a driver from Tijuana who, surprised by the youth’s activity, captured the video that was later shared by the TikTok user Carolina López.

The girl’s action, which can be observed by charging on repeated occasions at the small ratitavisibly surprised by the human being, sparked a debate in social circles among people who considered it an unnecessary risk and people applauded the extremely cute demonstration.

What illnesses do you send the installments to?

What is certain is that the riders in general and the installments in particular are exposed to numerous illnesses, virus y bacteriasSome of these can cause even fatal injuries to humans.

De acuerdo con el Control Center for Diseases of the United Statescontact with rodents or their companions can cause numerous illnesses, which salmonella y leptospirosis no more infection hantaviruswho usually be mortal.

The installments can infect mortal diseases to humans. Photo: Special

On bite, in case they have illnesses like rabia or black plagueIt can also occasionally cause serious injury to humans who come into contact with these animals.

Although they are not sent exclusively for the installments, but for all the heroes, family that includes a ardillas, perritos de la pradera, hamsteres y ratonesthe infection of these sick people in cities is usually caused by them, which is why they are considered an important public health problem.

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