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VIDEO: Sujeto tries to rob a tienda, but is open to coups by the dueño

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Security cameras identified that a storming intent on escaping with the bag from a store, when it was ready for the duel of the commercial vehicle that I decided on arremeter en su contra to search for it justice por own handand save your work space.

In the video you can see that something is happening there door, keeping watch inside the room where there are no nadies in the display or in the searchable areas. The room he picks it up by grabbing a package that cannot identify what it is, but he claims escape with prise.

Not if you know your identity.. Credit: Twitter

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What I didn’t hope for, is that outside of the common commercial is no less than the dueño of the store; he managed to ride on his bike, and quickly got behind the same thing. Without thinking so, he can distance with the thief, watching over the following movement which from one moment to another was a reality: the coup just en la dear.

The criminal can’t do anything defenderse, lower your guard and it seems that you are inclined towards the option of begging that they won’t harm you. His words are not escuchadas and immediately fills one coup which has no precedents against the subject which ends on the floor.

Ya in the soil, hecho bolitaand attempting to suffer the least possible damage, the subject continues receiving puñetazos y patadas. The dueno intends to sack him of the business with violence, and no one is interested in detaining him so that he is presented before the corresponding authorities. After all, he wanted to escape.

Credit: Twitter

From the back of the room a lady comes up, who must be waiting, but for some unknown reason she is not the cause of the accident until I have her skin just in front of her eyes. Those who have happened in it AguachicaColombia, and until now they have been revealed more givens.

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Por su parte, la local police began with a campaign against the crimes of hurto y de la extortion in commercial buildings we are looking for in the central area Valleduparand in the central area of Aguachicabut until the moment the detection of the item that appears in the video has been revealed.

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