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VIDEO: severe storm with gigantic granites until less than 9 people die

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A strong one storm nitrogend the eastern area of Australia Leaving at least new people dead where the area suffered the fall of giant graniteAccording to the strong winds and rains during these last few days, they informed the local authorities, who indicated that some of the victims were exposed to a rainwater drainage.

In the last few days of the summer Victoria y Queensland they suffered the shock of electrical and violent storms. The Australian Government’s meteorological office warned that coastal areas of Queensland were in danger of “peligrous” storms, potentially deadly floods, granites and winds, the AFP agency informed.

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The giant granite fall in Australia was captured on video. Photo: Captura de pantalla

Three women were absorbed by the rain

On Tuesday, three women were hit by a rainstorm caused by a flood in the rural community of Gympielocated 180 kilometers north of Brisbane. Buzos of the local police managed to recover these miracles from the bodies of the women. The third one survived at the edge of a river.

Also 11 people were launched into the sea when a boat sailed into the sea looking for Brisbane. The policy says that three people were injured in the accident and that they were rescued. The body of a young girl was found missing in a flood on the outskirts of Brisbane, while a 59-year-old woman was killed by a fallen tree on the Gold Coast, the agency reported.

In Victoria, a woman was encountered on the night of Tuesday by the floods in Buchan, 350 to the east of the state capital of Melbourne, while a man died in the same area by the fall of a branch of a tree.

In the video shared in the social circles we observe the right moment in which the enormous grains hit the ground with force, like a truck and various trees while following the heavy rain with the same intensity of the winds.

“They have been very tragic for 24 hours due to the climate”, declared police commissioner Katarina Carroll.

Electricity company Energex said it was trying to restore electricity connections in more than 80 million Queensland homes that were left without communications due to the fierce storm that hit various communities along the highway.

With information from AFP.

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