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VIDEO | Security personnel attends the father of the family on Paseo de la Reforma

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Late this November 15th, a father of the family was shot and punished by alleged security guards on the side of the Paseo de la Reformaat the height of Lomas Altasin the Miguel Hidalgo hothouse.

In the video, shared on numerous occasions in social networks, you can appreciate how the man throws a potato at one of the students, who doesn’t doubt to desenfundar a regulatory weapon while his companions start to attack him.

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The man tried to escape by running to the driver of his truck, among the desperadoes of his little boy, who was wearing a uniform belonging to a school in the area. Meanwhile, a woman who travels with her family intends to attack the guards, who persiguen the driver of the truck.

In the video she appears as the little girl who wants to attack her dad. Photo: Captura de pantalla

The round concluded when a man from the third party and the driver of the other intervened, causing great fear, which drivers were to retreat to the security guards as long as the vehicle was on the road.

No detainees

Product of this attack, perpetrated in full light of the day and of which there is no context of what was the origin, no one held, even the authorities of the boiler Miguel Hidalgo they pointed out that they were investigating.

Two people interceded to conclude the matter. Photo: Captura de pantalla

According to the report in social circles, having separated the driver and the guards, the attacks ended and everyone followed on their respective paths.

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