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VIDEO: Reporter is an assault victim in full live broadcast

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The cameras of a Brazilian television captured the exact moment in which an alleged thief attempted attack and remove your belongings to one reporterwho came across one live transmission at the moment of the hechos. Local media reported that the victim had been encountered by reporting from the streets of Sao Paulo, for Globo TV.

In the images it is noted that the woman – who was identified as Juliane Massaoka – was talking about the anniversary of Paulista Avenue, when a man appeared in the street. The subject was asked in a mysterious way to the reporter and tried to despoil her of her belongings, mainly of her cell phone. All of this was filmed on the cameras in the room and was broadcast live before the astonished sight of the television.

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The woman confirmed that she was the victim of an attempted assault, but insisted that she was assisted by elements of security. Photo:

How did they attack a reporter in full live transmission?

Cabe mention that while the intent of the attack occurred, the reporter he showed himself calm and at all times I kept a smile on his beak. The criminal did not follow his objective and, unable to attempt it, he opted to leave the scene on board a bicycle. The communicator did not issue any kind of declaration at the moment of the hearing, no matter what, now later she broke the silence through her social circles.

“It is difficult to describe the feeling, as it is a mixture of helplessness with sadness and pain. Today I suffered an intent of assault during a enlace en vivo in full light of the day, with security cameras, TV Globe cameras and military police vehicles less than a hair’s breadth away”, wrote Juliane Massaoka.

Did they tell the thief?

The communicator revealed that the suspect was not armed and could be detained by a security guard. “That’s not what we were being held. Thank God that the attacker was not armed and the security guard was strong, I replaced the guy and only when he was standing in one place and with his cell phone in his hand,” Massaoka detailed.

Finally, she announced that both she and her team met outside the criminal and the intent of assault they can return to their work: “we are lists to return to work and do what we love”, he said.

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