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VIDEO: Putin platica with his double generated with AI and delivered strong warning

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The President of Russia, Valdimir PutinI surprised the whole world by feeling dear to dear with a “double” Suyo, what was created with Inteligencia Artificial (AI). It was last December 14, when the Kremlin leader engaged in a dialogue with so much love, in front of the cameras that broadcast his session of questions and responses, which were broadcast on open television to thousands of citizens.

The “double” of Putin was created by a student of the University of St. Petersburg, who joined the session of questions and answers and used the image of the representative to question him about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and what he wanted to represent for Russia . The young man surprised everyone with his digital makeup, because the “double” of the Kremlin leader had identical words and even the same tone of voice as President Ruso.

The agent was surprised by an image with his rasgos and tone of voice. Photo: special.

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What did Putin say to his “double”?

“It is possible and necessary to clarify the necessity of addressing the leaders in some way in order not to create conditions that can generate any kind of crime for humanity,” said the Kremlin leader to the questioner about the Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be considered as a risk for the living evenings.

The president took advantage of the opportunity to deny the noises that are circulating regarding the use “doubles“, ensuring that what I created would be the first double that I have: “I know that it may seem certain to me and talk to me, but I thought about it and decided that only one person should appear to me and talk to me. This person would be right for me,” he said Putin. And he finished by saying: “for sure, this is my first double”.

Does Putin use doubles?

After the last month of October, the president’s health Vladimir Putin he was in the eye of the hurricane, so that decades of international media assured that the agents apparently were very sick, to the point that they supposedly had contracted “doubles“, so that they will replace it in the daily activities that tend to be scheduled. However, the noises have been denied by the Russian authorities on different occasions.

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