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VIDEO: Pope Francisco sings “La Guadalupana” on Día de la Virgen

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El Papa Francisco presided over the Mass in the Basilica of San Pedro for the feast of the Virgen de Guadalupe Pointing out that the first thing that comes to mind is the image of the undertaking in the story Juan Diego.

“It is the image of the first disciple, of the mother of the believers, of the same Church, that this undertaking in the humility of the one we and we care about, that is not worth much, but that will be something great in the eyes of God“.

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In his family, who was read in Spanish, el Pope Francisco he took refuge in the flowers there Virgin I’ll tell you more Juan Diegosignify the virtues.

“The flowers, in the mystic, signify the virtues that the Lord instills in the heart, they are not our work. The act of collecting them reveals to us that God we want to embrace this gift, that we perfume our débil reality with good works, eliminating hatreds, fears”.

Words with new feeling

The Holy Father says that the words that tell you there Virgen de Guadalupe to Juan Diego “Is this where I am, who is your mother?” “Cobran un nuevo sentido”.

“The flowers, in mysticism, signify the virtues that the Lord instills in the heart Credit: Pablo Esparza

“This “star” of the Virgen is to permanently strive for these poor things, perfumed by virtues recognized in a world that seems incapable of producing them. Virtues that nourish our weakness in the simplicity of small gestures of love, which illuminate our soul, so that our demos can hear it, with the image of a Church that raises Christ to our breasts”.

To conclude, he confirmed that “The Guadalupean mentality does not tolerate ideologies of any kind. Only the image, the film, the roses”.

“La imagen, la tilma, las rosas. This is the message, as simple as it is, in the light of the security of the fact that she is my mother, who is here, and this message defies us of so many social and political ideologies with which this Guadeloupean reality is so frequently used to fundamentarse, justificarse and gain money”.

Sing to the rhythm of “La Guadalupana”

Present at this celebration was the governor of the State of Quintana Roo, Mara Lezama Espinosaas well as the Embajador of Mexico before the Holy See, Alberto Barranco Chavarría. At the end of the celebration, Pope Francisco looked at the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe which was placed on the altar, while the song of “La Guadalupana”.


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