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VIDEO: Pipe loaded with acid is explored and watched by the co-pilot who had to close the valve because the gas leaked

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A pipe which he carried like a load acid nitric en China I suffered a lot accident that affected the co-pilot of the heavy load unit which was trapped in the substance where it could not contain the pressure when gas escaped which alerted that the containing cylinder was in bad conditions.

A motorist seized the moment when he was hoping to move forward on an avenue while he was at the red traffic light, when, ready from the upper part of the containing cylinder, black-colored gas began to rise which alerted the witnesses who appeared in the accident. The event was shared in the social networks which accounted for the millón of reproductions.

Black colored gas rose from the pipe which carried nitric acid. Photo: Captura de pantalla

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What happened to the co-pilot who was wearing the acid?

When the co-pilot went to the end of the cylinder of the pipe, the gas continued to emanate as a burden as the man attempted to close one of the valves from where the humidity would rise. However, given the constant pressure of the gas, the victim could not control his escape and he was asked to do so at the moment when the explosion occurred.

The co-pilot of the pipe was caught by the acid. Photo: Captura de pantalla

When completing the measurement, observe when the nitric acid rises disparately until it reaches the complete filling of the fuel pipe and the co-driver of the truck who receives the discharge of the corrosive liquid which causes an extensive layer of humidity to form on the floor above the floor. .

If you ignore the health condition of the occupants of the cargo truck that carried nitric acid which is an amarillo colorless liquid with a characteristic irritating odor, which is used in the manufacture of fertilizers; as well as in the dissolution, capture and cleaning of metals, and in the processing of nitrous and explosive compounds.

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