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VIDEO: Passenger captured the exact moment when a plane caught fire in Tokyo airport

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Late on this Tuesday the 2nd of January a terrible accident occurred inside the Airport Internacional de Haneda en Tokyo, Japan. To check with medium locals, look for 18:00 hours (local time) aviation commercial – of the airline Japan Airlines – se I took it in llamasplace of get excited against a Coast Guard airship. As a result of the accident, less than five people lost their lives, while 17 more people were injured.

These were documented by airport security cameras and later distributed on digital platforms such as X, before Twitter. In the images you see the commercial aviation being consumed by the intense llamas; It should be noted that at the moment the aircraft was transported at 367 pasajeros, those who were left behind would prevent the fire from entering the middle of the transport.

A passenger grabbed what I lived inside the airplane. Photo: captura de pantalla.

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Did passengers catch the exact moment of the accident?

After watching the videos from the security cameras, some passers-by – who encounter them on the Japan Airlines flight – have started to share images of what they experienced inside the room. airship transfer the collision. In one of the most popular shots you see a man who was documenting the terror of the wind, when he was suddenly surprised by a strong statement; Subsequently, shouts are heard inside the aircraft and the people present are there.

Shortly after the passage it was possible to capture the enormous column of hum that was lost in the aviation where he traveled. In the same way, the story documented that, inside the aircraft, the tripulation began to give indications to the people who encountered it among its passengers, and who also entered the hum, which occasion made some passers-by find it difficult to breathe.

The chaos arose from the passengers. Photo: captura de pantalla.

Are there any fallacious people?

Other passersby commented, before the middle places, who didn’t understand what had happened until I mentioned it fire. “I heard a dull noise and thought it was a sudden shock, but I didn’t know that an accident had happened,” said one person in front of the NHK media cameras. The man agreed that “no clear announcement should be made to go up while running”.

In preliminary form, the AFP news agency, detailed that five of the six tripulantes of the airship of the Coast Guard they died in the accident. Apparently, the deadly victims were preparing to travel to the prefecture of Niigata, where the uniforms would toast to help those damned by the 7.6 earthquake that struck the country during the first day of this year.

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