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VIDEO | Outrageous: Joven attacks the security guard in Angelopolis

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A young man, presumably a settler of a residential area PueblaI contacted an employee of a private security company who asked me to identify myself in order to allow him to enter the company.

They happened on November 27th, when the young man wanted to join the fraccionamiento Lomas de Angelópolis implementing an application to free the access. However, the application failed.

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By following the safety protocols, the young person security guard He asked them to the alleged aggressor who identified himself and changed his carriage, so he harassed the settler who, in anger, got out of his vehicle and entered the cabin and began to attack him.

According to the most recent reports, the worker who, according to what is shown in the images captured by a surveillance camera, did not repeat the attack, was transferred to a hospital to treat a possible fracture of the nariz.

“Señora, please don’t grab me”

Among the aggression perpetrated by the young settler, a woman who was hoping in turn to gain access to Lomas de Angelópolis I started to grab the implicated people in the game. The alleged person responsible begged him not to take it, because he is younger than he was.

“Please don’t grab me, I’m going to ask the lady”, argued the young man, before the guard attacked me only to reply that there was a register in there surveillance camerasthe same thing that went viral in social circles.

Immediately afterwards, visibly altered, the young man insisted on his innocence until, at the end, he countered the coups against the employee. However, other guards came to the scene and reassured the tenant.

At the moment there is no formal complaint for the attack.

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