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VIDEO | More than 160 people died in attacks in central Nigeria

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At least 160 people died in the ataques armed groups between Saturday and night and on Mondays at various levels of the state of Plateauin the center of Nigeriaannounced the authorities.

“The hostility began on Saturday and continued on Monday through the morning,” he declared Monday Kassahpresident of the government council Bokkosa constituency that has been a focus of religious and ethnic tensions for several years.

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“They met at minus 113 corpses“, añadió.

Kassah stated that more than 300 people were injured and transferred to hospitals there Bokkos, Jos y Barkin Ladi. Armed groups attacked no less than 20 towns and the attacks were well coordinated, he said.

Violence is especially harsh against Christian minorities. Photo: Special

Asesinan to 50 people in a nearby location

Además de los 113 muertos de la circunscripción de Bokkosat least 50 people were assembled in four towns in the next district Barkin Ladiaccording to Dickson Chollom, member of the local assembly.

El domingo, el governor of the state of Plateau, Caleb Mutfwangthe brutal and unjustified action of the barbarian army was classified.

“The government will take proactive measures to curb attacks against innocent citizens,” he said Gyang Drinkspokesperson of the governor.

The NGO International Amnesty He reacted to the attacks on his list

The people of the northern and central regions Nigeria They live terrorized by the attacks of Yihadist groups and criminal gangs that plunder the kingdoms and kill or kidnap their inhabitants.

With information from AFP

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