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VIDEO: Mata to her dad in Navidad because he kept it untouched, he was caught lifting his body in a curse

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Alexis Pachu he declared that “he had been stripped of his old age” once he was detained by the señalado de asesinar up Pope Here I placed it inside a bowl to deshacerse it. The crime occurred in the city of Lanús located in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, during the night of December 24th and the death of Christmas.

Alexis lived with her father, Atilio PachuHe maintained a complicated relationship with her, following the first investigations into the police, which may have led to the 47-year-old attacker’s assuring his own father.

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Alexis abandoned his father’s body inside a curse. Photo: TN

A neighbor encountered the corpse in the street

One of the elders of the Pachu family notified the authorities that he encountered a large black-colored wound in the street, and opened it to see what it contained, because they were parts of a person’s body. Upon arriving at the location, the uniforms confirmed the remains of a body wrapped in a sandbox for what they started with the investigation, TN reported.

“Today we will not know the causes of death, we will wait for the information of the forensics in the morgue. What is clear is that the intention of the donkeys, with this mutilation, was to complicate the investigation,” I told the local media.

Alexis Pachu accepted that his dad was married. Photo: TN

The old man met the evil one with his body on the morning of Monday morning. But in a video broadcast in the social circles one can observe when Alexis Pachu raised the rumble to the plaza where he finally abandoned it. The following clip was at 12:33 on the night of Monday December 25th.

In the video we observe the moment when Alexis supports and hauls the horse in the middle of the cage of a light rain to prove that there were no people in the streets who were celebrating the Christmas dinner at this moment.

He transcended that his father’s supposed ass took parts of his body in his mother and kept the rest in the refrigerator of the house where he lived with his progenitor. Alexis was arrested and the corpse transported to the judicial morgue of Lomas de Zamora to carry out the corresponding autopsy.

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