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VIDEO: Man talks to discover infidelity and is subjected to a moving truck to pursue his partner

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In Colombia, a man talked to himself when he discovered that he was infatuated in his new life and decided to pursue transportation where the woman was traveling, according to local media, although this was not confirmed by the authorities or by the protagonist of the video.

By grabbing 42 seconds of duration and having been grabbed by another passenger inside the collective transportIf he approaches himself like a man riding a motorcycle, he puts his helmet on the floor and runs quickly as long as he grasps the vent of the truck.

The man decided to decide if he wanted to go while the bus was moving Photo: X @Socrates1948

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The film! The man discovers infidelity and pursues his partner if he is subjected to a moving truck

The subject tries to wait for the fan truck while one woman shout out to her that you tell her, the item will come out to the woman who’s coming down, she’ll start to signal with the idea that you’ll ask her to her friend, then try to get to the bus, put a stone and half of your body in front of the shouts of those present.

The subject tried to finish the vent Photo: X @Socrates1948

And then by asking who was the person who picked him up, a man decides to intervene and pump him so that he gets off the wind and he decides to get on while other passengers start to pump him, at the end of the video you can see how the transport of Barranquilla continue forward and the man continues to grasp the wind. The recording was shared by the account of X @Socrates1948.

He claimed them before the grits of the passers-by Photo: X @Socrates1948

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