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VIDEO: man steps up from the light post and is picked up by stuffing cables, ends after 3 meters

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The safety cameras have been converted into a fundamental tool for combating and knowing the modus operandi of the criminal groups. On this occasion we will introduce you to the bautizado magazine “ladrón araña”, a man who climbed a light post to rob one of the cables.

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The immediate images became viral not only due to the dexterity of the implicated, also because no one with empty hands was armed with a serrucho with which he decided to cut the wings. The ending was not the best for this man who ended on a slippery note cayendo from 3 metres.

Captain a hombre stuffing light cables in Brazil

Those who happened on December 30th, at 04:00 am, a security camera captured the moment when a man climbed a mountain post light and start packing the cables. In the material that has been disseminated in social circles, it is observed how the suit has the agility to support itself and at the same time cut the wings with a serrucho.

At the moment the man has not been identified, but what has transcended in the local medium is that his objective was to steal the telephone cable that is sold in recycling areas. The clip lasts 2 minutes, and now the moment of the fall is shown.

As soon as I reach the man on the stairs, I don’t have any reports about detention

With circus skill, the thief slipped between the cables with a enviable agility. Without my grave, I want to cut off the valuable cord that is made of plastic but is covered with fibers. Equipped with a follow the man processed the cables to then sell it.

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Until the moment it is unknown whether the inhabitants of this neighborhood in Brazil reported the criminal act or whether the man was apprehended by the local authorities.

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