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VIDEO: man lights a cigar and uses 75 kilos of pyrotechnics

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The time to discover and light a cigarrillo caused a young man to consume 75 kilograms of pyrotechnics which was inside the vehicle in which case it was transferred to a companion, both of them headed from Germany to form part of the celebrations of New Year en Lower Countries.

There explosion took place last December 29th in search of the location of Nieuwleusen, where they headed and where they plan to strike them artificial fuegos. It transcended that both could climb to safety of the burning car without any injury and even one of them grabbed the moment when the vehicle was consumed by the fire.

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How did 75 kilos of pyrotechnics explode inside a car?

The black Volvo V70 was completely consumed by the wheels. PHOTO: Special

Everything was a question, according to what Gerben, el conductor of a black Volvo V70 continued to there Policia of his country, because at a certain moment of the trip he decided to put a cigarrillo inside his coke, considering that he was traveling loaded with pyrotechnics. ¿About destiny? The location of Nieuwleusen, located in Lower Countries.

It was precisely a few kilometers before the accident occurred. At a certain moment of travel, you can stop smoking cigarrilloGerben pulled it through the vent, but the neck did not fall to one side of the fireplace, up to the inside of the vehicleso that was the next step for them artificial fuegos comenzaran a exploit.

Weighing in on the magnitude of the tragedy, both young people tried to save their lives

The explosion of the artificial fires was perceptible hundreds of meters away. PHOTO: Special

Once the chispas began to invade him vehicle there was a second step before it started to catch fire. Fortunately, the occupants were able to climb up in time and look down at a considerable distance.

After reading one of them he went to his cell phone and grabbed the moment that the vehicle was consumed by the llamas, then he shared the grabacion in the red social X, from where the clip went viral. I know what you read in it videothe team arrived there bomberos those who tried to save the unity. no matter what, it was impossible, since the names had consumed it in its entirety.

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