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VIDEO: lancha se hunde en Veracruz, diez tripulantes se salvaron de milagro

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Videos showing the exact moment in that moment were spread in social networks lancha self hundio in the mouth of the Río Jamapa, Veracruz. Those who checked last Sunday February 4th, around 2.30pm. After reading the first reports, the boat – called Amikoo – tilted one way, so it entered the water and began to sail.

Search de six peopleThose who meet aboard the launch must jump into the sea to avoid being hit by the boat. While shouting and calling for help, the tripulants managed to save themselves thanks to the fact that others from the veleros understood what was happening and tried to help them shipwrecked.

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Who was on the ship that sank in Veracruz?

The authorities confirmed the facts in social circles. Photo: @SP_Veracruz

Local media informed that they were not reported injured persons for this success. Please mention that, now, if you don’t know if the boat was private or was private.

In social circles, the Secretaría de Seguridad Pública de Veracruz (SSP) announced which elements of the Maritime Company participated in the rescue of the tripulants. “Elements of the Marine Company in coordination with the Estación Naval de Búsqueda, Rescate y Vigilancia Marítima (ENSAR) de SEMAR, toasted apoyo during the work of rescuing the yacht ‘Amikoo’ which is hundio in the mouth of the Río Jamapa”, read in the press release.

Who passed with the tripulants of the ship that sank?

The vessel landed at sea. Photo: @SP_Veracruz

“Embarkation that was tripled by six people who were rescued safely and soundly. The yate’s extraction handles continue to rise to the top. We record the citizenry reporting any emergency or incident to 911″, added to the dependency on its official channels.

It is hoped that in the next few days, the authorities will announce the progress of the vessel, as well as the reasons why God is shipwreck.

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