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VIDEO: Influencer Colombina is thrilled and pleased in Mexico by the “changuitos miones” de Chapultepec

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If you and your family are in Chapultepec, you can’t deny that it is a place with a lot of activity to do. In this beautiful site you can enjoy such simple things as buying a snow and walking through the forest or visiting the historic Castle. Without embargo, we cannot leave the side that the famous ones “changuitos miones“if they have converted in all one tradition for people to spend a weekend in this area and now they are recognized for a long time by people extranjeras.

Tal y como lo hizo the Colombian tiktoker Aleja Villetathose who through their official account not only welcomed them in Mexico to give them to the world great personalities like Yuya or Thalía, until they put on the road attractions as fun as them “changuitos miones” de Chapultepec.

Following reading:

Chapultepec Lake: the artificial wonder of the city of Mexico

Experts recognize the recovery of the Chapultepec Forest in CDMX

Are you the young person who liked the “changuitos miones” de Chapultepecc in Mexico?

Aleja Villeta she is a Colombian tiktoker who shares content about her personal life, advice on peer relationships, story time of distinct experiences that he has held and included regarding his opinion on the controversies of the moment.

Aleja showed her surprise at the changuitos miones de Chapultepec. Credits: TikTok/Aleja Villeta.

Now if you have heard of viral I owe it to you to visit it Mexico, Aleja expressed his surprise by “changuitos miones“which are so significant when visiting the Zoo and all the attractions of Chapultepec. In a short video, the influencer shared her experience from the first time that she asked her to wear the gorrito del Chango on her head and I didn’t say more than that:

“I love Mexico, they are brilliant. When they can’t do anything better, pum, lo hicieron”, expressed the tiktoker.

Where is Chapultepec and what to do?

Chapultepec is one of the typical attractions of the CDMX. Credits: Cuartoscuro/archive.

Chapultepec It is a huge park that is located in the Miguel Hidalgo hot spot City of Mexico. (CDMX). With more than 810 hectares that conform to it, in this beautiful capital city attraction you could spend an incredible day in the company of your desired evenings doing a series of activities that will give you a good taste in the mouth. Among the most famous are the following:

  • Ir at the Museo Nacional de Antropología
  • Take a walk on the lake
  • Visit the Zoo
  • Enter the Jardín Botánico
  • Walk with a changuito en la cabeza

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