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VIDEO | If you download the train to the outskirts of San Francisco

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Various people suffered minor injuries and the service was interrupted quickly when a suburban train crashed and caught fire on New Year’s Day in the bay area. San Franciscoindicate functions.

The train of the system Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) was leaving the city of Orinda heading to the city of Lafayette at approximately 9:00 am on Mondays, when the slow carriages got on the road, said Jim Allison, spokesperson for the agency.

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All the passengers were left behind and lost bomberos they extinguished the calls quickly, joined.

Various travelers were transported to hospitals with minor injuries, reported Allison. At the moment the total number of inheritances is unknown. The rest of the passengers walked back there Orinda Station.

Report delays on the train service

El pasajero Enrique González I say that the train stopped, and when it started to move forward again I heard a few loud sounds and the violet hum that rose between them vagones.

“It was just there on the windscreen and there llamas elevate”, I told you in the periodical San Francisco Chronicle.

The service on the suburban train was suspended during various hours. Photo: Special

The first indexes tell you that the descarrilamiento occurs in an entrenched section of the stripes, in which the trains You can change your ways, says Allison. At the moment it was not clear at all what caused the failure 13 kilometers to the north of Oakland. The authorities did not say at the moment how many people were on board the train when the train got on.

The service was interrupted within 19 kilometers of the road Rockridge y Walnut Creek in both directions, reported by the Chronicle. BART officials said the Orinda station would likely remain closed for the rest of the day while the carriages pick up the damaged cars and inspect the streets.

Miles of people were affected by the accident. Photo: Special

Although the transit system transported fewer passengers than usual on the day of New Yearprobably the service suspension will affect tens of thousands of people, added Allison.

“It is certainly unfortunate that people were separated in a day weekday como este”, he lamented.

With information from AP

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