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VIDEO: how they asked “El Profe”, alleged operator of Los Zetas in Puebla

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The violence that lives in Puebla now materialized with the execution this Monday 13th November Rafael Melgarejo Reyes, aka “El Profe” or “El Jirafales”, identified as an excontador of the criminal group Los Zetas. They went to a restaurant in San Andrés Cholula, in Plaza One, when an armed command entered, attacked the victim and seized the man’s companion.

According to information from El Sol de Puebla, the ex-integrant of the criminal group was shot until the station, from where he died in Balazos. I’m wondering where the merger comes from in the incorporation of the Vía Atlixcáyotl al Anillo Periférico en San Bernardino Tlaxcalancingolook for the auxiliary council.

Follow the text:

They encuentran human rests in the central de abasto de Tultitlán, Edomex

Roman took a “cascarita” on the GAM when he was pinned in the heart to rob her on the iPhone, he died in the hospital

In the images that were captured by a security camera it is observed how at least three men enter the site, with large weapons and camouflaged clothing, those of violent form arrest him as soon as they climb. The body went over the table, with a shot to the head.

Investigate the execution mechanism against “The Profe”

After completing the asesinato and “rising” to his companion, the group of followers learned the huída in at least 3 trucks of recent model. Upon arriving at the emergency response site, people will only be notified that Melgarejo Reyes did not have any vital signs.

The belt where the execution of the man is observed approximately 45 years If you are in the position of the local authorities, you will be responsible for carrying out the corresponding investigations and connecting with the origin of the ataque, as well as those responsible.

The case occurs while the entity is ignited by a wave of violence and murder. Please note that “El Profe” was held in 2014 together with two other people in the Bosques de San Sebastián colony. It is hoped that the authorities implement the corresponding protocols.

Quién was “El Profe”, excontador de Los Zetas

Previously, “El Profe” was also detained in the state of Veracruz for violation of the Ley Federal de Armas de Fuego; además de que encorronte al menos otros otros criminal proceedings, one of them with sentence, among them one was for violation of the Law against Organized Crime dated 30 June 2016.

It is assumed that after completing certain judicial proceedings, he was hidden in the poor territory, from which he never imagined that he would be hallowed and asinized.

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