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VIDEO how the kids had fun during the rest before they were attacked in Salvatierra

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According to the authorities of the state of Guanajuato are carrying out the corresponding investigations to clarify the facts and avoid responsibility for the attack carried out in a lodge carried out in the municipality of Salvatierra, Guanajuatoin social circles has circulated a video of the greatest moments preceding the tragedy where at least 12 young people sadly lost their lives.

And this is the medicine of this Sunday 17th December, the celebrations that will take place there exhacienda San José del Carmen they concluded when an armed command entered the place and opened fire against them and those present. Wait for the moment, the governor of the entity, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez VallejoI gave you the instructions so that the necessary investigations can be carried out, while the General Tax of Justice de Guanajuato It is advised that the actions that are permitted to be initiated are initiated with those responsible for the aggression.

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“Now who will tell me ‘I love you, ma'”: the message of the mother of one of the young Asesinados in Salvatierra

How do the kids from the Salvatierra lodge have fun before the attack?

The story “News A Tu Alcance” shares a video of the best moments before the start. Credits: x / @ NoticiasAlcance.

Via the digital X platform, the title “News for You” was shared video of just under 1 minute of duration which supposedly shows some of the moments preceding the ataque wardrobe I registered there lodge de Salvatierra, Guanajuato.

En la grabacion It is possible to observe how dozens of young people met in the place of the children, and while one of them followed the tradition of hitting the piñata with the sold eyes, the others remained with their elder. The young girl who was in the center of her was dressed in white and for several seconds she tried to break her colorful structure as her companions supported her in the songs and the songs.

However, I must mention that until now, the authorities have not yet come to know any type of information about this video which is circulating online. Indeed, they have now confirmed what the movement of the world may be aggression against the young people who held their meeting.

Family members of the victims complain about the armed attack

Héctor’s mother dedicated a conmovedor mensaje to her son. Credits: Facebook/Ana Maura Rivera.

As time has passed, several people have identified themselves as family members of some of the 12 fatal victims who were attacked in Salvatierra. Now, it is presumed that the majority of the offending people are encountered between 16 and 35 years of age.

A Facebook user with the name Ana Maura Rivera I dedicated a love to her son Héctor Almaraz, a young man who died due to the aggression, and I appreciated the time that allowed her to be with her mother. Meanwhile, Paulina López confirmed that her new friend Antonio was also one of her victims and expressed her pain.

Mientras so much, Cornejo Dynasty, the musical group that amused the event in Salvatierra, had to know that it had to suspend its activities “due to the causes of greater force”. In this sense, I felt the support and unconditional understanding of some of his followers.

Agrupación Dinastía Cornejo solicits blood donors

In addition to spreading awareness of its activities, through its official Facebook account, Dinastía Cornejo will help you achieve it blood donors of any type in the General Hospital of Salvatierra. Upon request, distinguished users expressed the intention of the assistant and sent their blessings before the consequences of the attack.

“On this occasion we directed ourselves to ask for help. We need blood donors of any kind,” the group said.

Cornejo Dynasty piden blood donors. Credits: Facebook.

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