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VIDEO | Hieren three during an attack at the train station in Paris

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Three people resulted in hearing from you white weapon at a train station Paris and a suspect was detained, said the French Police, who at the moment could not clarify the attacker’s motivations.

These are produced at the station Gare de Lyon at 8:00 local time, in a subterranean room. According to the sources, a police officer and others are looking for an investigation, there is a serious injury that was lodged in the abdomen, but no one is safe on his life. Other people have different injuries.

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The victims were looked after by emergency services, the French Minister of the Interior indicated in the red Gérald Darmaninthat God’s thanks to those who will return to the author of this unbearable act.

The sauce hit the passengers with a kitchen spoon and a mallet. Photo: Policía Nacional de Francia

The attacker is originally from Mali

The suspect is a malicious national man who, according to his documents, born in 1992, indicated a source of investigation. At first he was reduced to one of them transientsBefore the railway police intervened, they indicated police sources.

One of the past passengers is serious. Photo: AFP

The sources reported that the alleged perpetrator of the attack presented the agents with a driving permit Italian, and they agreed that apparently they didn’t utter grits at the cometer on their act. According to the first reports from the authorities, he was in France seeking asylum.

The accident occurs less than six months ago Olympic Games of Parisexpected from 26 July to 11 August, and it is expected that 15 million visitors will be in the French capital.

Until the moment you don’t know the reason for the attack. Photo: AFP

More than 100 million travelers pass through it every year Gare de Lyonfrom where the high-speed lines depart, make sure Francebut also with destiny to Spain, Suiza And Italy.

With information from AFP

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