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VIDEO | Graban assistance from security guards to two supermarket customers

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I was under suspicion that they had stolen products from the company, that security guards attacked two people in coups, alleged customers of a shopping center located in the city of Tijuana.

These are available at the branch located there Díaz Ordazwhere the guards, carrying out their tools, brought two people to an area located at the entrance of the WalMart store.

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In a video shared in social networks, the message is appreciated, which raised the protests of numerous customers, who asked them guards which will tell you how to act against people.

The implementation of the security guards was requested by the customers of the business. Photo: Video capture

By keeping in mind the image, a woman is sure that people who care about her will not meet her stuffed merchandisewhich was not rebutted by the guards who, in a few minutes, stopped their attack.

Iban to make a cash withdrawal

In her testimony, the user reported that the attacked people entered the shopping center to withdraw money in cash, but immediately afterwards they were attacked by the agents, without saying no apologies.

In agreement with the local authorities, no crime reports for part of the company nor attacks for part of the people who, without being defended, may rise to the local without problems.

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