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VIDEO: Golpean a maestro de la Vocacional 8 por señalamientos de acoso sexual

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Youngsters from a collection feminist learned at the Centro de Estudios Científicos y Tecnológicos Número 8 (CECyT) or Vocational 8whence they entrusted to a professor for supuestos cases of acoso sexual against the younger students of education, but also against some teachers of the institution.

At the beginning of the video, only one appears woman with the dear cubierta For a hood of his sweatshirt and a light coat, he has the corresponding complaints: “Usted, being a homely person who has welcomed to teachers, alumnas y ha amenazado. We will not complain to the institution, and if we are not full, we are not going to ask for more than we are looking for. It’s not the first time you do it, that you have a relationship with a better (…) Empiecen niñas, ya know what to do”.

The video began circulating in the social media. Credit: Amatista Contingent ESIA Ticomán

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At the end of the discussion, at least one thing appears ten de women that they put it on the floor and fill it with a moist spray on the body, and also throw some attacks both with the punches, as with the feet, at the time that they throw them differently insults and the professor shouts. Después lo sacan arrastrando del salonthe piden that goes of the plant, but the master, identified with the grit of “Palm tree“, claims tener derechos

Also photographs were published online Amatista ESIA Ticomán contingent y in the collection Feminine Engineers of ESIAZwhere you can stop against it professorpintaron some phrases for the parents of the school with complaints hacia la institution and the people allowed the thing.

The young people should organize themselves to also get ideas to claim justice. Credit: Amatista Contingent ESIA Ticomán

“Ni una más”, “Fuera acosadores“; “No protegen to the student”; “no more acoso“; “No es no”, “V8 Encubre acosadores”, “El Poli no me cuida, me cuidan my companions”, “Pudiste ser tu” or “Revolution and resistance”, are only a few of the pints that can be found in dark colors throughout the plant.

Following reading:

Alumnos of the CCH of the UNAM remain in charge and decide, what is the reason?

Authorizations are not yet pronounced on the actions of a professor, nor on the thing that the students report

Wait for the moment, the authorities of the National Polytechnic Instituteas well as the ones of the Centro de Estudios Científicos y Tecnológicos Número 8they have observed silence in an official manner, but they hope that in the next few days an official position will appear, as well as actions to take part in the management.

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