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VIDEO: Gladys has to sing to the trucks to collect money and find her missing boy

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The case of an adult mayor being called went viral in social circles Gladys Libier Ibarra Murrieta, who is 64 years old undergoes singing the trucks from Ciudad Obregón, in Sonora, with the objective of recovering money and continue with the search above hijo disappeared. Known popularly as “the sombrerito girl”, the woman was forced to work on buses to be able to support herself and continue playing to meet her boyfriend, who she hasn’t seen since two years ago.

After meeting with local people who met Gladys, she had two boys. However, one of her sons lost his life through suffering a brain injury, while the other disappeared two years ago. The adult mayor accused that the authorities did not make advances to her in this case, because she wanted to go up to the streets to look for it for her.

Gladys goes to the trucks to sing to meet her boyfriend. Photo: facebook El Reportero Sonorense

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What happened to Gladys’s children?

“I feel very sad, imagine losing to your only children, a wall of brain damage, but the other I hold the hope of being alive, the last time you were in my house, I give you my blessings and you are no longer superior de el”, I say Gladys in the middle of Sonora. The woman also confirmed that she is originally from the Yaqui community, in the municipality of Cajeme, but she wanted to abandon her house to pursue her son.

Just mention that Gladys has a newborn, a child of just one year old, who constantly suffers from seizures, so she requires medications. To be able to solve her gastos and her nieto’s, as well as to give with her paradero hijo disappearedthe adult mayor is subjected to the trucks of Sonora to sing Christian songs and some songs of her author.

The hijo of Gladys disappeared in 2021. Photo: facebook El Reportero Sonorense

Where is Gladys’ missing child?

According to the purchased card, which circulates in social circles, Wilberth Lenin Vázquez Ibarra, 27 years old, passed away on August 10, 2021. hijo de Gladys He was last seen in the Yaqui community, in the municipality of Cajeme, in Sonora.

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