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VIDEO: Giant Wave in California of 8 hours

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Surprising citizens and tourists in the Ventura department of the state Californiaa “gigantic” wave was stretched out on the malecón, taking everything that his elder had, on a beach in that state, the large wave was intended for people to pararan in the hospital, as the spokesperson of the hospital confirmed it Bomber Department of the neighborhood, through its social spheres.

In the video captured by a security camera that was distributed in the social redeswe can observe how the wave picks up a couple of trucks that are parked within the limits of the beach, approximately a dozen people who were also driven by and hit the roads by this “giant” wave.

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IMPACTING IMAGES: how the floods that paralyzed the inhabitants of California were experienced

In another video you can observe the magnitude that this wave of you who traveled various meters taking into account everything that you encountered next, the National Meteorological Service, would have warned you that this could pass due to very high oil.

The authorities have worked to ensure that another “giant” one does not surprise the inhabitants

The emergency teams of the Ventura district have been working to prevent this from happening, according to information from CNN, they have strengthened a wall built approximately two meters high which will help protect the coastal communities. As a precaution, the authorities have decided to find a main point of access to the Ventura muella.

The floods paralyzed the inhabitants of California

A storm in southern California, in the United States, affected thousands of people and caused large floods, the torrential downpour affected the county of Santa BarbaraWhile the northwestern area of ​​Los Angeles, the city of Oxnard and the county of Ventura were the most affected and some parts of certain cities were hit by the rain, this storm can give rise to those who are starting a storm of rainy weather.

Floods in the Ventura area reached within 9 millimeters of depth. The bombing department in the county received 275 calls in five hours, a shocking increase from the estimated 190 calls per day.

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