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VIDEO | Four people died in a fire in a hospital in Italy

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A fire declared in a hospital on the outskirts of Rome he died at the least four deaths and forced his patients to evacuate the center, telling the authorities on Saturday.

Tens of patients were transferred to other hospitals. Photo: X / Firefighters

The patients entered intensive care in the hospital San Juan Evangelista de Tívoli they were transported by ambulance to other hospitals, explained the heat in a message. The least critical patients were taken to a municipal gymnasium near the end of their journey to other hospitals.

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The fire, which came to light in the night and which was controlled later, caused Four fallacies, indicated the bombers in a press release. A video distributed by the department showed the bombers trying to attach the highest plants of the hospital, where the humidity would rise.

The accident devoured some of the hospital’s plants. Photo: X / Firefighters

Tivoli, which is 35 kilometers north of the center of Rome, is a popular tourist destination. It is known above all about the archaeological works of Villa d’Este y Hadrian’s Villaboth declared Human Heritage for UNESCO.

This base could cause a fire

According to the initial investigations carried out on the site, the incineration of some objects could give rise to the fire, which started in the heart of the hospital, first affecting the morgue go to the kitchen, to then consume various dishes.

Until the moment the death of four people is known. Photo: X / Franco Scarsella

Three of the four faults were due to the fireto be aware with the first report of the authorities, insofar as the other person died for separate causes and was found seeking the morgue.

“We ask for clarification about the causes of the dead of our mother. We said that she died when the fire started, but not because of the humidity. She was 84 years old and had a lung problem, she had three days since she was hospitalized again.

The bombers continue to fight the fire. Photo: X / Franco Scarsella

“We said that our mother didn’t die in it fire, to weigh what death occurred at the same time. We learned about his death in a local news report”, reported Olga Ilari, daughter of Giuseppina Virginia Facca, who died in the hospital, in a statement made to the Italian agency ANSA.

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