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VIDEO: forest fire in the Valle de Tlacolula spreads to other communities after 5 deaths

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Before the climatic and orographic conditions, the fire originated in San Lucas Quiaviní TlacolulaOaxaca, which has lost five wrongful people, has extended to less than two municipalities.

Pobladores de San Pablo Güilá, Santo Tomás Guelavila and San Baltazar they cry out to help ensure that the fire enters their territory and mediations of the same, so that through social circles they have solicited the support of the surrounding authorities and people.

Emergency body toasts apoyo to the most vulnerable Photo: Special

Following reading:

Search with drones of 5 people disappeared by fire in the Valle de Tlacolula, Oaxaca

Localized live in 5 municipalities fighting fires in Oaxaca

They lament the death of 5 municipalities

There Government Secretary (Tallow) and CState Forestry omission (Coesfo), lamented the death of the five municipalities, their bodies are rescued by brigadistas to carry out the pertinent actions and give them burial.

The owner of Sego, Jesus Romero López It was revealed that the fire that affected the Sierra de Juárez before the Sierra Norte one week ago was caused by a person allegedly affected by his mental faculties, even if he was detained.

From acuerdo to the official, the authorities of Saint Lucas QuiavinThey informed them that it is not the first time that the person responsible takes fire on the pastries and trees, so I say that the State Tax office will be responsible for this.

In this sense manifested that resulting from the orographic and climatological conditions, the fire has not been completely controlled; without embargo, in the area trabajan elements of the Secretaría de la Defense Nacional, of the Comisión Nacional Forestal además of the brigadistas of the Coesfo.

Piden helps in social networks Photo: Special

I ensured that the federal and state governments would carry out actions fight the fire, If you fly with a helicopter to define with greater precision how it should be done.

On behalf of the owner of the Forestry Commission, Magdalena María Coello Castillo he specified that the fire en San Lucas Quiaviní It showed up after the 26th of February and due to the weather conditions it was not fully checked.

Please note that five active fires must be accounted for, with the majority of lower control, in San Miguel Chimalapa, in El Palmar in the Isthmus; en Santiago Juxtlahuaca in the Mixteca region; in San Sebastián Río Hondo who became intermunicipal by affecting a San José El Peñasco y San Idelfonso Amatlán in the Sierra Sur.

Same as this last one in Quiaviní in the Central Valley. He made sure they were least 25 fires Those who have registered in the last month have affected more than 400 million hectares and have raised the same question as the specific activities.


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