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VIDEO | Fire explosion is less than 8 deaths and decades ago in India

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This Tuesday, February 6, a firecracker factory was exploded in the state of Madhya Pradesh in the center of the city. India Which has happened to the least dead and deceased people, the information was confirmed by local government official Mohan Yadav, in a written message from the news agency of that country.

They have spread some images of the impressive disaster through different means of communication including through social networks, where there is a ball of fire and hum that rises into the sky in decades. When ten ambulances were delivered, he informed the emergency response coordinator, Kailash who left, as long as the fire was not under control.

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Deaths were expected to increase in the explosion in India

In the factory in which firecrackers are manufactured, more than 200 and 300 people work, but no one knows how many people will meet working at the time of the disaster, commented the Chand Party. The police authorities of the district determined that there are currently 80 people killed, but this figure can increase due to the intensity of the explosion and

Rajeshwari Mahobia, the district’s police officer, said the damage caused by this incident had affected less than 10 buildings in the district where the explosion occurred. The Minister of State ordered the specialized units in Quemadura to make the necessary preparations, as well as contacting the Army to organize the shipment of helicopters.

Interior of the firecracker factory. PHOTO | X@IftiinFm

These explosions in India are very recurrent

India has witnessed these catastrophic explosions due to the fact that they originate in such a long way in the region, due to the fact that artificial fires are very popular in that country for different celebrations; an example of them is for the Hindu festival or to celebrate a party. In 20189, at least 18 people were killed in an explosion in a pyrotechnics factory in the state of Punyab, and in another day they also lost their lives for a very common success in Uttar Pradesh.

Volunteers were brought there to help the authorities. PHOTO | X@IftiinFm

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