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VIDEO: famous YouTuber saw an airplane and destroyed it to keep more “views”, he was detained

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A famous one youtuber of United States, known as Trevor Daniel Jacob – aged 30 years – was sentenced to six months in prison, where it was determined that destroyed a avionet, in deliberate form, in the county of Santa Barbara, California. Apparently, the creator of the content created this dangerous action with the intention of achieving more reproductions in his social media channels, following the information shared by the Department of Justice.

These items occurred last November 24, 2021. video – grabbed and shared by the creator of the container – I saw that Jacob attended the airport of the city of Lompoc and was subjected, alone, to his own plane; The young influencer commented that his destiny was Mammoth Lakes, but once inside the plane he revealed that in reality he had no intention of following his destiny, as he planned to jump from the plane during the flight.

The influencer was launched at full speed. Photo: captura de pantalla.

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How did the YouTuber destroy the aircraft?

The young man installed cameras inside the room avionet and if I use a parachute traje. Later, 35 minutes after the plane took off, Jacob jumped from the plane – as he entered the Los Padres national forest, looked for Santa María – and documented his fall. However, what was popularized in social circles was the destruction of the plane, because the YouTuber was the only man who met within the middle of the transport, so when he looked at himself, he could direct the flight and the plane ended by stretching.

Place to be safe, el youtuber I walked through the storm to get the rest of the aircraft. The cameras that she had installed on the airship documented how the airman became distracted. Jacob published the entire content in his social circles, where he was criticized by dozens of internet users, as soon as the clip was handed over to the authorities, they began an investigation into the dangerous actions that the creator of the content made.

The aircraft was left unpiloted and stretched out in the air. Photo: captura de pantalla.

How will you spend time with the YouTuber who destroyed an airplane?

When asked by the authorities, Jacob discovered what had actually happened and signaled that the avionet he experienced a loss of power on the way down, because he had to jump into parachutes. However, with the video that the creator of the content published in his social circles, the authorities could determine that his statements were false and a lawsuit was initiated against him.

Last June 30th youtubers He admitted the crimes and was declared guilty of a cargo of destruction and concealment with the intention of obstructing a federal investigation. For these crimes, the Department of Justice advised him that he could be sentenced to more than 20 years in prison, but finally – during the first days of December 2023 – he was sentenced to six months in prison.

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