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VIDEO: EU F-16 combat aircraft flies to South Korea, so the pilot can survive

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A aviation de fights F-16 de las Fuerzas Armadas de United States I practiced this Monday when I was carrying out a training exercise in the mediations of the Mar Amarillo. Before the American army’s airship struck, the pilot raised a handle to the top which ended up saving his life.

To be able to survive, the pilot of the F-16 combat aircraft performed a desperate maneuver to launch the emergency escape from his side to be seen. Once he was out of the combat aircraft, the pilot was redeemedinformed the Yonhap news agency quoted by AFP.

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“The jet landed in the water beyond the Gunsan Air Base, 178 kilometers south of Seoul,” the agency reported.

The pilot logged on to survive in the air force in South Korea. Photo: Captura de pantalla

What happened with the EU F-16 combat aircraft?

El Ministerio de Defense de South Korea He declined to comment on the role of the US Air Force, while the United States Air Force in Korea, which supervises US soldiers based in the South, did not immediately comment on the incident.

In the clip shared in the social circles one observes the moment when the aircraft begins to fly with instability and presents light explosions which most noticeably causes the accident to generate hum when climbing from the combat ship of United States, in this moment the pilot goes up disparate of the airship while the airship was in free flight.

In May, a US F-16 also tested itself during a routine exercise in a large area in southern Seoul. The pilot is observed and can be saved and there are no victims. Washington is an allied security key Seoul and there are 28,500 soldiers in South Korea to protect the country near the north which has deployed nuclear weapons.

With information from AFP.

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