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VIDEO: Detained attacking and offending at the court during his audience accused of injuries

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Un hombre, quien presumably fue detained for the crime of injury, he lost control and was thrown coups against a juez of the Tribunal Superior de Justicia (TSJ) de la Ciudad de México. They occurred during the suspect’s first hearing, when it was determined whether he would be prosecuted in prison or in freedom; the images were captured by the court’s security cameras and were subsequently distributed in social circles.

In the viral video it is observed that the audience passed normally, as long as the prisoner spoke. The suspect identified himself as Antonio’s name and assured before the court that he was actually a victim of violence: “I’m sorry, I don’t believe in justice, I just want to give you money, I’ll pay you the money”, if you decide aggressor.

Uniforms checked the suspect. Photo: captura de pantalla.

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Why did the prisoner attack and offend the judge in charge of his audience?

In the same way, the clip shows that the suspect questioned the juez about why he didn’t have an official abode; Before this situation, the judge interrupted him to demand respect, but the situation escalated and he got out of control. Quickly, el detained he insulted the magistrate and I used my feet to avoid what seemed to be a microphone.

Elements of safety were attached to the attacker, to avoid him being thrown against the juez, who also should use his feet to beware of the violent man. The suspect continued throwing insults against the magistrate, the victim and other people who meet present in the room; After facing the crimes, the prisoner insisted that he was innocent and that he could pay the money necessary to cover the medical gases of the person who accused him of lesions.

The player left the room behind the entrance. Photo: captura de pantalla.

Who went with the prisoner who attacked a game during his audience?

As the video went viral in the social media, local media reported that Antonio “R” was in an initial audience, without crime, accused of the crime of family violence, as a result of which he was reported by his peers and his relatives, who They reported it to a very violent man who constantly hit him and punished him.

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