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VIDEO | Demonstrators stormed during the traditional tree fire in New York

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Hundreds of people who manifested themselves around Palestine they broke out in the traditional ceremony of burning of the Christmas tree which year after year is celebrated in the city center Rockefeller Plaza from New York.

De acuerdo con el New York Police Departmentthe protest was planned in advance, so they were forced to stop between the demonstrators and the thousands of people who wanted to see the show.

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Sin embargo, la cantidad de demonstrators based on the initial predictions of the Policy. Likewise, many of them loaded against the valleys, generating moments of tension with the agents of the authority.

Three cards requesting the withdrawal of the Israeli army of Palestine and who accused them of replicating Nazi tactics, they also carried placards with anti-Semitic and even racist messages.

Some demonstrators protest against Zionism. Photo: AFP

The event began at 8pm on November 29, with more than 500 people carrying a monumental Palestinian flag for the Sixth Avenue However, when he met the police officer, he started the crime.

In the middle of the protestsome demonstrators wearing their flags Israelwhile they hurled insults at the police officers detached for the contention and to avoid that the explanation would affect the celebration that was taking place a few meters closer.

Questions of flags and insults were uttered against the Israeli state. Photo: AFP

Protests in favor of Palestine in the EU are increasing

This demonstration took place, in which some songs were heard and spoken against what the Protestants called Zionism and the state of Israelif you add to other demonstrations that have occurred in them United States during recent days.

The protest is one of the pro-Palestinian demonstrations that have taken place in recent days. Photo: AFP

One of the most important was the intervention of a large contingent during the traditional desfile for the Day of Action of Gracias made by the almacenes Macy’s in the Gran Manzana.

According to the New York authorities, ten people were detained under the cargoes of political resistance and public disturbances, although no injuries were reported due to the protests.

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