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VIDEO: customer takes control and destroys a clothes hanger

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Both insults and insults were like one woman I started to unload all the clothes and the items that were on my way in a branch of the Bershka company located in Burgos, a city located in the autonomous community of Castilla and León in Spain. These people – who came apparently without reason – generated alarm in all the people who didn’t know what to do before the lady’s attacks.

In a video that was published on the Instagram page “listoytrozeado” on November 21st, the form can be observed in which the woman ignored all the information and solicitations of the staff and even among the pranks, she continued by pulling the merchandise into the establishment.

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How did I look at these people?

In the video that follows, spreading through the social media, it is possible to appreciate that a woman from hair to man, dressed in blue trousers and chamarra guide, he began to walk towards the Bershka store, pulling all the things that came his way.

In this sense, while in the background there are warnings such as “For you, please” or “What happens?”, the lady is focused on talking about the anaqueles of taking and the clothes that were doubled. Even if on one occasion you pay, you don’t hesitate to get up and follow the staff of the place.

The woman ignored the adverts from the store staff. Credits: Instagram/ listoytrozeado.

In fact, following the purchase —which apparently involves a customer— the woman she controlled herself until the moment when a couple of young people tore her and dragged her to the ground, where she remained shouting at the floor where the present ones insisted that they were saddened by their intervention authors.

What happened next with the woman?

Until now, the authorities of Burgos have not been able to find out any type of information regarding health or the legal situation of the woman which occasionally destroyed us in the Spanish clothes tie. However, it is important to note that some users of social networks have expressed that probably the woman there was some problem mental healthso they realized the importance of dealing with situations like this and created protocols accordingly.

Internet users place above all the importance of mental health. Credits: Pexels/archive.

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