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VIDEO: Cristina Kirchner looks obscene in Milei’s pose

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Cristina Kirchnerthe salient vice president of Argentina was captured by sending a signal to her linked to Congress Argentinian where he participated in the oath of Javier Milei As the new president of the nation, who from this Sunday 10th December will be the president until 2027.

The action of the Peronist was documented when God responded to the consignees who were supporters of the former panelist on television programs who won the presidential elections. The life of the ex-president Nestor Kirchner I saw the polemical gesture with the hand that was captured before entering the legislative enclosure.

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De Zelenski to King Felipe VI, those invited by Javier Milei who are sworn in as president of Argentina

Cristina Kirchner arrived at the Congress immediately after the controversial gesture with her hand. Photo: Captura de pantalla

Is Cristina Kirchner here the obscene scene?

The salient vice-president of the Argentine government that encabezó Alberto Fernandezcame to the Congress Buenos Aires whereupon he greeted some citizens who sent him a greeting with his hand and for a moment they would later be offended by the other sector opponent of the people who voted for Milei.

Also known as the President of Argentina during the two periods between 2007 and extending until 2015, she walked with a red dress and during her journey she raised her right hand to get the “Britney signal” to rise on the middle as she said it the famous pop singer Britney Spears.

By making the gesture with her hand, Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner caused a stir in the social circles where Internet users were divided in terms of attacking or justifying the action of the militant activist who acted as the vice president of Argentina.

  • “I suppose that there is an abusive song directed by her”.
  • “A genius”.
  • “Está envenenada la yarará! Sé queda sin fueros!”
  • “If it passes”.

After taking the oath, Javier Milei as president of Argentina, advised the Argentinians that it would be necessary to take a hard fiscal adjustment that will imply sacrifices but finally it will reap benefits, emphasized the mandate to assume the presidency this Sunday.

“There is no plate, there is no alternative to adjustment, there is no alternative to shock”, exclaimed Milei before thousands of people who gathered to listen to him in the plaza in front of the Congress. “In the short space the situation will worsen, but then we will see the fruits of our effort”, she added.

With information from AFP.

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