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VIDEO Command dispara contra trailero en la México-Puebla

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Security cameras inside one trailer They captured the moment when a command was issued against the conductor, and they were forced to open the door to the driver. Mexico-Puebla, to the heights of Río Frío. This happens on the days that the National Guard strengthened security on another route, Mexico-Querétaro, before an escalation of assaults against transporters, which will demonstrate with multitudinous marches the next Monday and within 15 days.

Looking at the images, the driver of the trailer was traveling around Mexico-Puebla, when around 10:15 am, several armed men took him on board a black truck. Included, a second vehicle, a white seat also stops the pace at the chofer, here finally for the vehicle weighed before the disparos and amenazas of the encapuchados sujetos, which subsequently take over from the unit.

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Transportistas will carry out a 15-day protest day

Ahead of the increase in armed and violent assaults, the Confederacy of Transport Organizations and Unions summoned its aggressors to manifest on the main roads of the country the next month February 5th. For its part, the Mexican Alliance of Transport Organizations AC (AMOTAC) will hold another event next time February 15th 32 minutes after 08:00.

Norma Becerra, president of the Consejo Nacional Directivo de la Asamblea General ordinaria de la Asociación Mexicana de Agentes Navieros (AMANAC), noted that the cargo transport item is estimated at 7 million pesos per year.

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