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VIDEO | Come in and rob me, if you grab it and grab it

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When trying to escape, a man who supposedly had entered robar in a shop, I bought from more than six meters high and then stopped between the bars of three domiciles in the colony Moctezuma Primera Secciónof the hot tub Venustiano Carranza.

De acuerdo con testigos presenciales del suceso, el alleged delinquentidentified as David Omar “N” at 35 years old, found himself in the azotea of ​​a site dedicated to the manufacture and sale of air-conditioned appliances, when he was discovered by local employees.

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Nervous, the subject, who said it was originally from Pueblahe tried to escape by going down a high ladder, but he slipped and fell into a narrow separation between the three bars domiciles.

Immediately, the present witnesses alerted to 911. Minutes later, elements of the Heroic Body of Bombers from the City of Mexico went to the site to try to rescue David Omar.

The rescue operations are three hours late

Approximately 30 elements of the Bomber Squad worked intensely in them rescue laborswhich ones were dropped for three hours, due to the complicated location where the item was found.

Once retired from the site, the alleged thief was transferred to a hospital they seek, from where they determine that it is well and healthy, even with a force nervous crisis due to the accident.

Tens of bombers pointed to the site to rescue the sujeto. Photo: X / Bomberos CDMX

Neighbors in the place reported distinct communication methods that were not the first time a person was trying to approve them azoteas to commit a crime in the company, so that the vigilance can be avoided.

Once again, David Omar “N” will be transferred before the Ministerio Público to determine responsibility for the intent to carry out any criminal activity.

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