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VIDEO | Chocan motorcyclists against patrol in Buenavista

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Two young people who circulate through it Eje 1 Norte Mosqueta if they impacted against one patrulla of the Secretaría de Seguridad Ciudadana to attempt to change carriage, resulting in important injuries.

They took part in the race on December 6th, when the youngsters, aged 17 years old, drove at great speed in their vehicle and tried to get a new car, impacting the police unit with their driver, to avoid major injuries, they made a handle that hit you against the front of a person hotel.

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“On the cross of Ignacio Zaragoza y Eje 1 Nortein the colony BuenavistaCuauhtémoc heat, the chofer of a motorcycle and the policeman found the reason, among which the unit was shocked against the wall of a hotel and the tripulants of the motorbike cayeron to the asphalt belt.

“Immediately, the officials solicited the medical and paramedic services of the Rescue School and Medical Urgent Care who took them to the point and transferred two youngsters aged 17 years old, to a hospital for medical attention, one of them with the diagnosis of probable maxilar fracture, and the other with first degree leakage”, reported the SSC.

Los policies Those traveling in the patrol suffered injuries on the shoulder and neck, so they were transferred to a hospital for medical review.

Bloquean Eje 1 Norte en protest

During the late and early hours of the night of December 6th, friends and relatives of the injured youngsters stopped their circulation at the cross of the stars Guerrero y Mosquetain the colony Buenavista.

The protest was held as an objective basis hospital apoyo for one of the young men, identified as Antonio, and that the police officers were prosecuted judicially in case of holding responsibility for the accident.

Conversation with capital authorities, el I block it was removed at the point and the circulation was restored to a satisfactory manner.

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